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brutality. and if least trying to take flight flut ug.. >> this san jose murders suspect found gdead on an apparent suicide. tonight kron4's phillipe djegal talk to the people lived next door to the woman found dead in her home. and the husband police say killed her. >> this man was found dead in his truck just after 1:00 p.m. police believe that he took his own life by overdosing on the sleeping pills. >> i was shocked it is very tragic. we left our condolences and our families in need. >> police say the white became the 41st homicide friday morning. his-wife became the 41st homicide. it was on the 6700 block of evangaline but the 911 call to not say a word. her husband had already left the house. papers say that they kept to themselves and the only kept to themselves. it favors say if they kept to themselves. >> to see this happen so closely it is terrible. our hearts and prayers go out to them. >> a protest against police for kelly takes over the streets of oakland to jeff pierce tells us about the crowd. oakland police- brutality. >> no justice! no peace. among hundreds of people
that is community oriented and 51 a police chief that could be outside of san jose. >> for someone to come in and be a leader and lead from the heart. to encourage the officers to develop community policing the way that it should be with working with the community. >> somebody with the department that is going to know the san jose, the citizens of san jose. >> the biggest issue is out to you deal with the budget and conveyed to the officers. it has to be resolved and if you're not going to resolve the budget you are not going to be successful. >> there are three more meetings wednesday, and two more. the chief will leave so they cannot have much time. to choose another police chief. charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> heavy fog causing problems this morning and big storms are just around the corner this is the deal with major delays. and this thick fog from this morning. more on the weather and the storm preparations which are under way. first, scott is at s f o. severe delays >> it has gotten bigger better--but not as bad as it was-earlier. airport officials said there was the least 100 fau
, for the afternoon -- and also san jose with a 64 degrees in fremont. temperatures in the mid upper 60s 65 in concord, antioch, livermore, pleasanton, low 60s for the most part for the east bay shores and the coast. 60s and the san francisco, with mid 60s for the north bay. as for the sierras? we did see that storm moved quickly. dry roads, and it will stay dry not only for today, tomorrow, and for a " portion of this weekend and the extended forecast. warmer weather for thursday, friday, saturday, mild and on the mild side. all the way through thanksgiving weekend. >> coming up later, jim harbaugh will of the kaepernick or alex smith? he will be pulling your leg a little bit and also this man is opening up his orange and team to open up his arms-and inch or hockey. enjoy hockey get 36 months interest-free financing through thanksgiving weekend at sleep train, and save $400, $500, up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. but m
out in san jose. following up on leads, the san jose and concord police found this 15 year-old at this apartment complex they surrounded the area, called the suspect out and surrendered peacefully. >> he did not make the determination that he was wanted to take on the police which was a benefit for all parties. sometimes, in these cases, they get caught in crossfire. >> last friday, the teenager and his partner, 26 your old job and will blank's robbed for businesses. and shot pettibofrt sanalso a police chase ensued after 26 year-old w thingillbanks. >> they have worked tirelessly to find the second person responsible 20-25 years old. only to find that the employee arrested was only 15. >> you do not expect this type of violence from the 15 year-old. but sometimes, these days and in this profession, some things to not surprise us. >> the district attorney's office will be see if he is charged for an adult or a juvenile. meanwhile, the friends are grateful that men are off the streets. >> it helps with some closure. that he is not running around. and he can face justice for
for the gallon of regular. it will cost to $3.91. oakland, $3.71. and $3.74 in san jose. >> the robberies have been using cellphones out in plain view. these victims are not aware of who or what is around them. and all of these crimes they will touch grabbed the phone and as reggie kumar tells us they are still looking for two suspects had violently attacked an elderly man for his phone last month. >> this is surveillance video of the two robberies that the san francisco police believe insulted an elderly man on october 24th. these latin hispanic white males a 20-24 years old, 5 ft. 10 in., 160 lbs.. suspect was wearing a black baggy t-shirt with the word " giants " on the front, with denim jeans, and an orange baseball cap. the second suspect was wearing an olive green shirt. gray jeans, and a white nike strike. a black baseball cap with a logo. >> that suspect was punched and kicked by those two men. they grabbed his cellphone and ran. many cellphones users know about this deft and the city but the crime is not preventing them from still using their phone and public. >> i am not particularly
tomorrow look for a low 80s just abou everywhere on the sand santa cla, san jose, and about the highs in the '70s and '80s inland. and right by the day, he roared, union city, san francisco expected to get into a beast 70's, he word. and the gorgeous day in hayward. and upper 70's. a slightly cooler but former and sharply cooler wednesday, thursday, with the chance of rain fall on thursday. it even just looks like light rain at this point and as a reminder, the seven day on your kron 47 day around the day, contests 193. >> all this nine weather, the kron 4, the seven day around the bay and with your fuel report it could encourage you to take your car out for a spin. this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote ye
in trading -- with italy's s f o. scott i can tell you that oakland and san jose are not experiencing any delays. however, at s f o it is quiet. but earlier, as the airport travelers were seeing plenty of canceled flights. it is the heart of the travel season at s f o and for some it has been a breeze. >> it is been excellent, going well and things are cool. >> according to aaa 1.2 million travelers are expected to go to the airport this holiday. that is up by 3%. however, to combine those with weather issues, that has put their holiday plans in jeopardy. >> we tolwere told that-it was going to be canceled and it might not be for another couple of days. >> at least two hours to portland, nebraska. >> with at least one hour to nebraska. >> now, we are getting moved from blind to blind. >> 60 minutes-90 minutes with the contained to east coast flights. travelers, despite are able to get home. >> home, family for thanksgiving. >> get to see the family and to spend a tiny. the traditional thanksgiving. the deal. >> if you are a traditional thanksgiving plans to take you through san francisco
>> new tonight parents are demanding answers from administrators at a san jose schools. a convicted sex offender was granted permission to be on campus with their children. reggie kumar is live in a san jose where a meeting was held tonight. reggie? >> the meeting on that issue is wrapping up at st. frances cabrini. it was organized by the diocese but the meeting was not allowed to attend. go ahead and take a look at this " on this principle he told parents and the minister is saying that i do not expect anybody to attend a lecture of a deep desire to have more drama in your life they are remaining tight-lipped. the a a sex offender mark gurries. attended a fund- raiser. forcing the main priest/it ministered to resonate. and with on lawful business and written permission to be on a school campus if that person that does not have direct supervision of children. >> i think that we need more clarification on what changes need to be made at the state level. i think the community which is very strong at st. frances cabrini needs to really take participation and a better correspondents. to be
for the afternoon san jose will seek nearly 70 degrees and upper 60s towards concord, danville, livermore. mid-60s along the bay and san francisco will be another nice day. 67 degrees in san rafael. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay increasing clouds on tuesday as we do have a change in the weather pattern arriving with rainy weather on wednesday, thursday and friday >> coming up the forty- niners quarterback situation what horrible is saying about it. will it change the n f l? and the warriors are playing in denver. [ male announcer ] steak combos. featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler. >> cyber monday is almost hear the biggest on-line shopping day of the year. thi year, cyber monday will set new sales records. they're offering big discounts to lure you to shop from your computer this monday. pretty much every major online retailer will offer free shipping and handling. you can count on that. some of the best deals i've found for cyber monday was walmart. a septre tv $ 250 and also a 32 in. at $180. they
. >> san jose, rob fladeboe come >> both teams are starting with out their quarterbacks. jim harbaugh is also back on the sidelines after having a heart procedure on thursday. charles clifford is live at candlestick park. for the fans are taking in the big game. charles? >> this is a live look at candlestick park is in the fourth quarter 31-7. it 30-7 is the score right now. but it has been a beautiful day at candlestick with a lot of tailgating. take a look. they are outside they came prepared, there was food, flat, foods and more food. this guy with an orange mohawk. but what nobody did have was a starting quarterback. alex smith was out, cutler was out. tonight was a battle of the back of some fans on both sides went in with a lot of confidence. >> the call this a game of backups but i think that the 49ers have been pulling down to their opponents. there will play up to them this time it. >> to me it is a battle. it is all going to be about the turnovers. >> we are going to kill it all day. i do not care about the concussions, we are going to kill it all day, the bears are going to
will continue its deliberations on monday in the trial of a former san jose elementary school principal. he is accused of failing to report a teacher who was suspected of molesting children. the principal, rob fladeboe has the story. >> the jury of seven men and five women have been deliberating. this closely watched case is resulting from the arrest in january craig chandler. shown at his arraignment. he is charged with sexually molesting five girls at a school the former principal. lin vijayendran suspected not report to police. in closing arguments the prosecution handed the and written notes. the attorney for one victim has elementary school principal. he is accused of failing to report a teacher suspected of molesting his students. lin vijayendran was the principle of with the elementary. they started reporting disturbing behavior from a teacher. rob fladeboe has more. >> the molestation of five girls is the correct charge. the current principal, lin vijayendran is charged with a single misdemeanor for not reporting chandler to police. during closing arguments the prosecution ported t
in freemont and 44 in san jose. chilly in the morning, but nice in the afternoon. temperatures in the south, 70 in sunnyvale and san jose. inland, valley, upper 60s and 70s. 70 in pleasantton. 60s for our east bay shores. low 60s along the coastline. 65 in san francisco and mainly upper 60s for the north bay. as for the sierra, dry and mild there as well. we'll see temperatures in the 50s tomorrow and saturday, cooling a little for sunday. rain will be back in our forecast forecast as we head into next week. let's look at our ski report. three resorts that are open right now -- no new snow, but we could get some into late next week. we'll keep it dry. wednesday, increasing clouds, thursday, a chance of showers, wu #e will keep you posted on that as it gets closer >> coming up later in sports, san francisco triple a championship. high school footballship championships, a thriller. that, later in sports. . [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like some
. a registered sex offender has been cut volunteering on campus at a catholic creek school and san jose. park gurries. was a helping out at a san francis sang francis s. francis -- cabrini elementary school festival last month >> someone recognized this person as a registered sex offender. at the st. frances cabrini last month in unincorporated san jose where someone recognized mark gurries. as a registered sex offender and notified the sheriff's department working. when asked to leave he told the deputy head permission to be there. >> a spokesperson said that the skirmish letter was given but in a statement that such permission is not consistent with the diocese policies in that mark gurries is no longer volunteering at the school of many parents are angry. >> i do not know how this will diocese of that. even just to be a chaperone we have to be fingerprinted for a field trip. and even if we are chaperones or not. >> he was convicted of molesting a young relative. no one answered the door at his residence but he will likely face no charges as a result of an obscure state law that permits cer
. fairfield, 59 degrees and oakland, san jose. 64 degrees in raleigh, bill breeze. certainly nice richmond, 65 degrees with-no breeze. really, no breeze and a gorgeous day. '70s, a lot like we saw today. notice the numbers on the right with temperatures about three-five degrees and nice weather at the beaches. monterey bay, the 60s, the 70's, with readings in the '60s and '70s with san francisco. half moon bay. and sunshine with no fog toward clear skies. and that storm in the pacific is staying to the north. all that rainfall is going to remain for the next couple of days. look for the storm track to continue to press towards washington and oregon. as we get towards monday, to state it will get even further to the north. the result will be even further with readings of 70's for the south bay to warmest places will be south san jose and possibly low 80s tomorrow. look for upper 70's and nearly 80 degrees and concord, pittsburgh. fairfield, and even 70's. the bay. hayward, mid-70s close to 80 degrees for walnut creek. your kron 4 7 day around the bay monday, to stay a lot of sunshine and warmth
one concord. and 68 degrees in san jose as we take a look of our extended forecast we are going to see better weather for the weekend. the rain continuing for the overnight hours with the decrease in clouds. and friday, we will see the fog and sunshine for the afternoon. more sunshine and warmer temperatures. getting back into the upper 70's for the inland valleys by sunday and monday. >> superstore warmer sandy super storm one of the most colorful sights is the destruction of the jersey shore. the pier itself is picked up and washed onto the boardwalk. the roller coaster is still outstanding but it is several hundred yards out in the ocean. new jersey was one of the hardest hit. more of the destruction we go to chris welsh. >> president obama was joining chris christie of storm ravaged new jersey tuesday it took the worst battering from super storm sandy. >> we are here for you and we're not going to forget we're going to fall of the you get all of the hope that you need. to rebuild. >> with the blue skies was a clear picture of the damage with the twisted remains of the seaside heigh
towards san jose and the south bay. just traces. and a live view from outside the bay bridge and it has been pouring. we will continue to see this for several hours and then showers. and the leftover showers but otherwise a mixture of clouds and signed. it could be pretty nice decent, day. with-sunset. >> we are live with the police have read. i hear that residents are worried rain could create another bettmuddy mass-- >> absolutely, and it has been raining on/off throughout the day possible muddy mess is the fear. they are checking to make sure that the water main break from and then, a net has been placed along the streets with he bills. they have been checking. >> at 2:00 a.m. until sauce of people going over there. the more the tonight's expected rainfall that the neighbors are scared of another mud a landslide in a move their cars. >> my car was covered and by thusually it is parked across the street. >> jose's his van is still stuck. >> that is my band. from last tuesday i still need to get an estimate it is my -- man. >> the city has taken costmary steps. the city will not create
will still be down near san jose and the el diablo range but it will be accepting it. still, some residual showers. by 5:00 p.m., spotty showers will remain and even by the midnight hours. the chances of showers are run the bay area. as i mentioned, it is a slow-moving storm. we will have more rainfall than what we saw yesterday that futurecast span pointing one-half of 1 in. that is pretty accurate. i have a reason to believe that this computer rendering will be pretty close. as we move towards a 6:00, the rainfall will be concentrated to the north bay. the rainfall totals will be increasing in a hurry with two-inches. and to notice, not much south of the golden gate until later in the golden gate. put the rainfall totals increasing in the afternoon with 1 in. in oakland, san francisco, with 1 in. in hayward, notice livermore, san jose not picking up that much. we're not going quite seeing as much, we've santa rosa, and nearly three-inches in napa. rainfall totals will be 1-3 in. and most of the valley locations. 3 in. favored in the north bay where it will be lingering 3-6 in. and a hell
to cupertino. 79 in san jose and upper 70's low 80s for the inland valleys. and 73 an element of and also 70's down the peninsula. 73 degrees in san francisco in 60s closer to the coast. the sea breezes will pick up as we transition from these weather patterns. temperatures will be cooling. by 3:00 p.m. and a look at your extended forecast still warm, nice but wednesday, thursday, changes with warmer conditions. lingering towards friday morning and look at how will these temperatures are going to get. just in the 50s. 54 along the coast. and we will start to warm up but that fog will stay with us and that warming trend will continue early next week. stay with us. >>pam: san francisco is working diligently to find these people that are responsible for the destruction of a muni bus. >> this 22 year-old was a sharp contrast with a look alike and the giants winning the world series. this was a chronicle photographer that night. and he pled " not guilty " and the client dog rapoport is saying that he has a message. -douglas rappaport. >> it is nice to hear that he is apologetic but unfortunately we
of those struggling are finding some relief through an organization that has set up shop at the san jose convention center. >> to make ends meet there is a new favorable loan and a lower payments. before i was paying principal and interest and now i'm able to pay principal, interest, and taxes and insurance and less for all of those each month. >> this nonprofit group is a need for assistance group of america and the provinces on the spot solutions for affordable mortgages. >> there is nothing like meeting face to face that you can meet with your lender. and having them side by side. >> based on their financial situation the will to a loan modification and presented to the blunders. most of them are here and it is free. the bank will pay all closing costs. >> we come here to meet our customer's faced to face and get their market is modified. commoditie%-80% our ss rate. >> now i'm able to make those payments, there is no doubt in my mind. >> there is a second chance to holding on to the american dream. san jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> decision 2012. this new storm could cause big probl
, three degrees. temperatures are in the 50s or oakland, san jose but it is colder in the north bay. petaluma, novato.. 30's and here is your forecast ramp for tomorrow. 6:00 a.m., the purple. with 30's for the north bay, the east bay and 40's by the bay. here is a sampling of the overnight temperatures. generally, they are right around sunrise. look for mid 40's san francisco, oakland. and mid 40's with one degrees above freezing. note, we are up by one, three degrees. and in the last not bad. we do have this storm system to watch but it does not look like it is going to directly impact us. by midnight, the system to the north-coast and high clouds ahead of this system. that will come our way we will see some showers on tuesday. temperatures tomorrow looking at low mid 30's in the north bay. notice we are not below freezing. 33 degrees. the 32 is the freezing point. pleasanton, 40's. and again, mid-40s by the bay. the highs will be in the low mid-60s. these numbers will be up by three- five degrees. a little bit nicer but mostly sunny skies. 64 degrees, san jose and we will be in t
pictures around the bay area in the san francisco, oakland, san jose. clear, dry tonight. but that is not going to be the case tomorrow. . i am in the the weather center with jacqueline bennett, jacqueline? >> it is going to be start right in time for the morning commute. we will see it for the next several days on the/opt. satellite & radar the rainfall is already starting to start to push through however, we can see the first rain of pushing through eureka. it will reinforce that with heavy rainfall for the morning commute. the futurecast moderate and heavy and along the san mateo coast. that moderate becomes widespread by 8:00 a.m. for the morning commute. also when the conditions gusting at 70 m.p.h.! competitive thunderstorms and even lightning strikes. we will time it out on futurecast with the wind advisories and the thunderstorms coming up in just a bit >> continuing our team coveage.. we plan in the east bay with terisa estacio. piedmont police are warning drivers about areas >> these preparations are very serious after what happened last here, take a look.
in concord. 50s and san jose, 54 degrees and santa rosa. as for the snowfall that is also going to continue. and fairly widespread snowfall for the sierras that is going to continue. it will start to die down and leaving us with eight other for -8 in. with 4 in.-8 in. lingering. dry conditions expected on sunday. with our local extended forecast showers and thunderstorms possible tomorrow. temperatures will stay cool and improving conditions but saturday, sunday will be very chilly. 30's. >> announcer" it is now time for sports structure, gary radnich. for the jack in the box. >> many people upset hey, your the jack in the box sports guy. >> have they asked you for a sandwich? pal [laughter] i said it last weekend and i feel like a piece of meat. everybody wants to advertise. here is a mercedes. and i want people to like the for me. >> i am sure there is that too. and would you still care for me. >> a jacqueline the box. [laughter] >> news from the warriors is not so hot. the key to the warriors entire season is an truffe bogen is going to sit out. if to surgically repair his ankle. people
. vallejo, and 39 degrees in san rafael. and 44 and san jose. with low 70's expected in the inland valleys will see 70's and concord. '70s in pleasanton, livermore and in the south bay... redwood city and 70's in napa and santa rosa. a look a your extended forecast. warmer but thursday, with saturday mostly some shower activity but it does look like heavy rain could be pressing in on a sunday. possibly even on monday. that could stay to the north of us. we will look forward to the wet weather in early next week. as we go towards thursday. >> coming up the oakland a's honor bob melvin.. ;x when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find job
for the next four years. and there have been four new kentucky's.-and the ftr new inductees in the san jose sports halll of fame brandi chastain, steve bartowksi, roger maltbie and will t ribbs... >> and if it was relief a partial and of bill cosby's money that got me to the brickyard. amonwas it a bit of a difficulty with the work people rooting against you? >> in 1991? >> that often not matter. many people bruite were routine. against.. the. united states of american president. that did not matter it was just about going fast. >> i am not going to mak any type o any type of come back. i might and that was the work on the street that perhaps you're going to be coming back on a senior circuit? memo i am 57 years old. and it is just prune juice and viagra. >> how was that viagra? >> just like a fork lift. and ladies and gentlemen, willie t ribbs started in the 1980's and went to the indy500 in 1991. and you know that my motto is never, jackie and if i would rather to. as to. go home just go home and you have to go to these social engagements in the want to this huge house party tonight. and
half inch. otherwise, just traces in oakland, concord, san jose. if we take what is left for tonight and at its into the second storm for tomorrow night we could see 1 in. by the bay. higher amounts to the north bay with nearly three-4 in. at the higher elevations. if marin county, when these storms are point to pass through the bay area. >> this 14 year-old is accused of liberal, crime he is facing 10 felony charges. phillipe djegal explains what happened to. it >> this is bizarre chain of events that started and ended in this parking lot the suspects capture of the victim is a live in the hospital this 14 year-old boy kidnapped a woman from gateway plaza. they say that, barking held the woman up at gunpoint. the woman was sexually assaulted, beaten, and left in a ditch. >> it gave me a chills. >> a 14 year-old. pretty crazy. >> someone from the woman called police but meanwhile, the 14 year-old boy, king... allegedly called one of the victim's family members demanding money for the woman's return. but when the police returned to the gate 3 plaza parking lot they spotted king and th
not clear. like inside of the bay. temperatures for much cooler. 67 degrees in san jose, hayward. and a look at the satellite from late this morning shows a big blanket of fog all the way from the bay bridge towards the bay into the center of clara valley. towards killed rory. that cloud in this did not clear out. towards-kilroy -- and also temperatures are struggling to warm up. look for low clouds, fog pressing into the bay area bureau of releasing some guiro what the-scene some clear skies. or-some of valley fog with disabilities dropping below one-quarter of 1 mi.. the clouds and the visibility- with once again the full forecast, coming up. >> customers swarming storms in record numbers. to moderate 47 million shoppers visit the shores and west side that is 21 million more this year than last year. the shoppers also spent with the average of $423. this for the weekend was over $59 billion. it is up by $6.5 billion. >> this bay area plane has to make an emergency landing on a campus. and these bay area women are waiting to hear from the supreme court has the are channeling and waiting to
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